Hints for Preparing for Thanksgiving

November 22, 2017 | More from Uncategorized

Hints for Preparing for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Hints

The first time I ever did Thanksgiving at my house it was very hectic. I wanted this picture perfect Norman Rockwell holiday and instead what I got was a chaotic, National Lampoons Thanksgiving. I was running like a chicken with my head cut off and when dinner was finally served I was too exhausted to eat.Not that I couldn’t afford to miss a meal but not one I worked so hard on.

Over the years I have learned some tricks. Not magic tricks but preplanning tricks. You want to make sure that your house is clean, do it on the weekend and then that way all you have to do is touch up. If you have kids and a husband just give them one room that is theirs to live in until Wednesday. Then it is no one touch anything…EVER?

The trick is do as much as you can before Thanksgiving. Set your table, cover it with another tablecloth or sheet. Figure out all the platters and bowls you will need and get those out and cleaned if need be. Then put post its on them so when people are helping you plate, they will know what to put them in.

Prep all the veggies you will need, onions diced, broccoli and carrots cut up. You get the idea, just put them in baggies and then that is one less thing to do. You will be surprised how much time this saves. Don’t do your potatoes those as they won’t hold as nicely. You can do them in the morning.  In fact mash them early and put them in a crock pot on lo and they will keep nice and creamy.

The last thing is, do you desserts the day before, that is what I do. I will also make any other dish I can a day or two before.

When Thanksgiving comes you will be surprised how easy it is and how you are not tired and frustrated. You can enjoy your family, guests and Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!



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