Love To Cook

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Hello, my name is Justine and I love to cook, even at the age of 3 when I opened an Oreo used half, put the cream in a mound, topped it with a Jelly Bean and called it an Hors d’Oeuvre. (I think I heard the term on Bewitched and it sounded fancy so that is what I called it) I have a ministry where I cook for people who are sick, lost a family member etc. It was just something that I did and it turned into an outreach. When people are hurting there are only two things I know to do; pray for them and feed them. Everyone tells me that I should start a catering business but I don’t feel that God is leading me that way. To me I just want to share the food.

I love to entertain and bring people together. I always entertain for every holiday or sometimes it is just because I have a new smoker and want to try it out on folks or I feel like watching a movie with friends. There is no telling when I get the bug to entertain. Everyone is always asking for recipes and it is usually the day before Thanksgiving or some other inopportune time so I thought, well, I would just make instructional videos. It was through that thought process that made me think of starting a YouTube channel and website to showcase the foods I love to prepare.

I am not a professional chef, I am a self-taught home cook. I learned from my Mom, Granny, Grandma, Second Dad. It is my way to bless people. Food is for celebrating, comforting and loving!



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